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This Real Woman Repaired Her Hair. Then, Shared!

Sara H., Connecticut

DI: Before trying Dove®, what was your biggest hair hang-up?
SH: I was damaging my hair with a hair dryer and flat iron—it felt frazzled and had split ends.

DI: How did your hair look and feel immediate after you used it?
SH: It felt soft, silky and shiny. I love it!

DI: Did you get any compliments?
SH: Yes! My hairdresser asked what I was using. He said the product kept my hair in perfect condition as I was growing it out into a longer style and all my friends were impressed with how it felt and shined in the sun. To my family and friends, I’m the “Dove Girl.”

DI: Would you recommend it to them?
SH: I would recommend it to the world. I posted on Facebook about it and told my friends and family:

                  Mom: “Wow! My hair is soft and manageable.”
                  Sister: “I had a wonderful fragrance lingering all day from my hair!”

DI: If you had to describe your overall experience with Dove® in one word, what would it be?