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Men’s Skincare Situations Solved

Q. His skin is always itchy and he claims laundry detergent is the problem. But, I switched brands and he’s still scratching. What can I do?

A. Your washer might be innocent, but another appliance could be guilty: your shower. Dry skin causes itching, flaking and redness, mimicking the symptoms of an allergy. He should try shower products and tools formulated especially for men. The added moisture may be just what he needs to feel more comfortable.

Q. My guy only spends 10 minutes in the shower. How could he possibly be getting really clean?

A. In this case, he’s on to something. Taking less time in the shower is actually BETTER for your skin! Keep your products and tools organized in a caddy and cleanse from top (hair, face) to bottom (body) to keep dirt on its way towards the drain. You’ll be washed and ready to go in half the time

Q. Whenever my husband gets close, I can tell his skin is dry. How can I get him to upgrade his skincare routine without embarrassing him?

A. With most men, it’s all about delivery. Start your shower speak by letting him know about some new shower products and tools that look interesting. Tell him that you really like when his skin feels soft or get him a “grooming kit” as a gift.

Q. I love my guy. But, I don’t love when he steals my shower stuff. Help!

A. We know it’s hard for him to keep his hands off your Beauty Bar, but now he can have his own and get the moisture his skin needs. The newest line of products from Dove® is formulated especially for men and clinically proven to fight skin dryness. It includes body wash, a body bar and even a shower tool.